Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nancy ♥ Dave .. SDE

Here was a wedding where every detail was perfect and beautiful. From the super-talented make-up artist Charisse Mae to the stunning dress and shoes and above all to the incomparable photographer Jana Vackova, every aspect was carefully chosen. We really felt like we were among the "chosen" wedding vendors today!

Dave and Nancy are so easy going and really were great to have on the other side of the camera. So upbeat and ready for any pose and always looking great. And of course some really powerful emotions that came out during the ceremony. And when we played this SDE which was great!

It was super-awesome running into some happily married LSM couples - three to be exact - and catching up with them. Add the unbelievably rowdy reception and it was an unforgettable night.

Full credit to Dave for finding the song, "Amazing" by Andrew Allen.

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