Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nadia ♥ Eddie ... SDE

FIlm production in Vancouver runs the gamut from the shoestring budget indie to the over-the-top Hollywood production. On the shoestring end, At Queenie and Tim's wedding a few weeks ago, we witnessed a music video being shot handheld through the sunroof of a 70's VW van. That had to be some shaky footage! Today we spotted a deadly looking black car with a crane mounted on top, being escorted around DT Vancouver by a motorcycle cop. The black car was filming a grey luxury sedan following it through traffic. Fun to watch. Expensive.

Well, Cedric and I pulled out something even more affordable than both of the above: a GoPro. You can see a brief shot from this (Nadia and Eddie waving from the trolley) in this video. Looking back I'm amazed at how many ways we mounted cameras and made them move today, all while putting together what may be our best same-day-edit yet.

So where does Love Story Media belong in that spectrum of Vancouver film production? Watch the video and you decide.

Huge thanks to David and Danny Custodio for introducing us to Nadia and Eddie. Here are two photographers who literally stop traffic at every wedding and regularly produce jaw-dropping work

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