Sunday, August 29, 2010

Janis ♥ Jon ... SDE

I have to admit that one of my favourite aspects of weddings is the bride's costume changes. She can represent several sides of her personality with her various dresses worn during the day. I don't mean it as a negative when I say a wedding can be a performance, with the venues being stages for that performance. Our whole concept of wedding videography is film-production-in-a-day, so "costume design" is key.

Part of the performance is remembering to be in the moment and actually take in what is happening. If you haven't yet been married you may not realize how much changes in those few short hours on your wedding day. It can be too much to absorb. (P.S. you should hire a videographer.)

The other part is to share who you are, through every detail of the "production design" of your wedding. The bubbles, the bird cage and of course the dresses were some of the details that made this wedding so sweet. After the last change, I had to ask Janis where she had found these amazing dresses. "I had them custom made," she answered. This kind of thing just inspires us all the more to create something special for our lovely couples.

And regular readers of this blog will understand the shot of the huge platter of bisque ;)


  1. Amazing video! I can't stop watching it and showing all my friends and co-workers. Thank you for capturing all the sweetest moments in such a natural way. Thank you for your hard work and making the bride, and the bridesmaids =), so pretty.


  2. Erik you did an amazing job and truly captured the day in the most beautiful way. Me and Jon could be be happier with the results and we cannot wait to see more =).

    Janis and Jonathan

  3. touched my <3
    there is true love afterall. . .

  4. wonderful video
    just wondering what's the title of the music used?