Monday, July 19, 2010

Tara ♥ Alex ... Sealed Words ... SDE

Urbane, hip and sophisticated are three matching words that well describe Tara and Alex. Tara is an interior designer, and rose to the challenge of creating an amazing environment in Performance Works and coordinating the entire day with a wicked shade of green.

Alex is so cool that I didn't expect a ton of emotion during the ceremony. Particularly since he and Tara had their first look earlier in the day. But no; Alex was overwhelmed by the moment seeing his bride arrive down the slope of Ron Basford Park.

And then after the ceremony, Tara and Alex sealed away letters to one another to be opened and read on their tenth anniversary... a beautiful moment.


  1. How can you be SOOO good!!! I'm speechless as I look at your work! I'm an aspiring videographer and I cannot stop thinking about your site and imagining being half as good as you! WOW!

  2. this is far and away the BEST wedding video I've ever seen! it's SO beautiful, and I'm not saying that because I know the couple in it. it's incredible. I'm so impressed!