Monday, July 19, 2010

Shermineh ♥ Ali ... SDE

Filming three weddings back to back has its plusses and minuses. We did it twice this month, and it makes for a gruelling weekend - and yet there is the added bonus of weight loss. Everything hurts and you're barely conscious - and yet by day three everything is so automatic that shot after shot just happens and the day is a thrill. What you're about to see is day three.

Sherm and Ali are so fun and easy to be around, and every second of today was awesome. As my ears ring from The Reception of the Endless Dancing - these people are in good shape! - I think back to both Ali and Sherm being so calm and themselves in front of the camera all day. This is what we love.

We had originally planned a fairly generic pop tune for the SDE, but as the day (and the awesomeness) progressed I dug into my library and found something a bit more mysterious and, yes, epic. I think the switch paid off; it was so great watch Sherm & Ali watch and enjoy this video.

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