Monday, July 5, 2010

Ellen ♥ Jon ... Right beside you ... SDE

One of the dilemmas in planning a wedding is music. Traditional or edgy? Live or recorded? DJ or friend with iPod? Ellen and Jon bypassed this whole problem. It must be great having a friend who will teach himself how to play violin just so he can perform the processional music for your ceremony. Jon was a little nervous about this though, and that practice session that starts this video is the result!

As for the song choice for this same day edit, we had a chance to see Ellen and particularly Jon partying pretty hard at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. But I had a feeling that something truly heartfelt would be called for on their wedding day.

Just want to mention the tea ceremony that was held after the ceremony at White Rock Baptist Church. It was almost a "meta" tea ceremony, with a comprehensive lesson in culture and language thrown in for free. After the usual tea ceremony had concluded, everything got flipped around and younger family members served tea to Ellen and Jon. Very sweet!

Then followed a beautiful photo shoot which allowed us to break in our newest lens and work on our tans.

Thanks Ellen and Jon for including us in your day!

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  1. this is great work! and a lovely song! who sings this song?