Sunday, July 25, 2010

Abby ♥ Kurtis ... Highlights

A self-described crazy couple from Alberta, Abby and Kurtis met on the way to Las Vegas on a "reading trip." Likely story ;) For their beautiful Vancouver wedding, they chose Ron Basford Park and Performance Works on Granville Island. It was a perfect overcast day, with the boys crammed into a little suite and the girls luxuriating in the penthouse at the Granville Island Hotel. Then it was one of those perfect moments when Abby walked down the aisle to "Here Comes the Sun."

This video owes a lot to the amazing photo shoot with Leslie of Sakura Photography, and of course to the awesome work of Tanya Peters of Milestone Events. But most of all to a certain "craziness" that was on display all day.


  1. ERIK! You guys rocked it! Thank you so much, we crazy LOVE it :)

  2. Tears..Tears Love it.. We should party like that for the baby.