Friday, June 18, 2010

Miran ♥ Corey ... She doesn't even drink coffee.

It's always flattering to be hired by a couple that works in film or media. Miran and Corey work in animation and met in their first class at VFS. They are quite clearly the perfect match for one another, and Corey's homebrew aromatherapy has tied them more closely together still.

See Jeanie Ow's photos from this wedding here.


  1. Absolutely was a magical day and you've made it even more so...thank you so much...Val McDaniel (Corey's mom)

  2. i'm in tears all over again, thank you for putting these precious memories together so perfectly. Erin McDaniel Blackmon (Corey's sister)

  3. OMG! Beautiful, crying again.
    Dana Sheppard (Corey's Aunt)

  4. Erik...I'm pretty sure your videos just keep getting better and better!
    I showed my sister and even SHE cried and she's never even MET Miran and Corey! *MISSION ACCOMPLISHED* ha ha

    It's always nice to work with you. :)

    Your work is amazing. (you know that, right?)

    Jayna (Mirans makeup artist)