Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sara ♥ Jared \\ May 21 2010 \\ SDE

I really expected this to be a tender and touching day, and it was. This was the big reason for choosing the song, one of my favourites, "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele. The small reason was that the forecast called for rain. I probably shouldn't say this but I secretly hoped for some drops to make the song click a bit better. All those mentions of storm, rain and wind...

Oh well, can't complain about the always stunning Garden Birch Terrace at Swan-e-set and the epic journey everyone has to make to get there. The bridesmaids actually practiced the walk once they had put on their shoes. They pulled it off, but the ring bearers ... not so much!

I was truly humbled by the emotions Sara and Jared have for one another and expressed today, and tried to fit as much as possible into this same-day-edit.

And be sure to check out Jamie Delaine's oh-so-gorgeous shots from this wedding.

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