Monday, May 24, 2010

Cynthia ♥ Ed \\ May 23 2010 \\ SDE

Cynthia and Edward's best wishes box pretty much tells the whole story. You can see this colourful box made out of lego near the end of the video below. It even had a little swing-away slot also constructed from lego. Nearby was a table with a massive pile of smarties boxes, containing only red and pink smarties; just beside the head table, there was a big basket full of Kinder surprise. Plus, Edward's last name is "Toy." Cool.

These and other details show how much fun Cynthia and Ed are, and how young and warm their hearts are. Ed took some time out to text and even take photos using his little red cell phone, and it was not at all out of place. If you were at this wedding, you'd totally understand.

And another plus, it was SOOO much fun working with Gina of Butter Media. We have shot A LOT of weddings together and it's always a blast to work with her.

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