Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gina and Chris || Love Story & Wedding Highlights

Gina and Chris' wedding today gives me the excuse to share one of our little known services with you: the Love Story.

The Love Story is a chance for you to tell your story in your own words... and for us to put together a touching and eye-candy-filled entertainment for your reception guests. These videos are typically 6-8 minutes long, and are the perfect thing to show just before you are introduced, or just after your slideshow.

See more of our Love Stories here.

By the way, Gina and Chris are photographers specializing in wedding photography; their company is called Butter Media. We've shot many weddings with these two and they are our FAVOURITE photographers. It was so fun and almost surreal to see them tie the knot, but such an honour to be on the other side of a camera capturing it all.


  1. Thank you sooooo much Erik! I couldn't have been happier with the Love Story. I can't wait to see our wedding video! You ROCK!

  2. A beautiful video for 2 beautiful people. Funny, I saw the "love story" and watched it a couple of times before I even knew Chris and that I know them, I like the video even more! Despite how great these are, It's also exciting to see how far Your work has come since then. Congrats, Erik! (P.S. Didnt Gina look absolutely stunning?!? <3)